Be the Best Wing Woman!

​Every girl needs her best friend by her side when out meeting guys!  What is a wing woman exactly? A female friend who shows her friend in only the best light, giving compliments, talking to the ugly friend, whatever it takes! When trying to meet someone new guys, or flirt with your school crush, a wing woman by your side can solidify your success!  

While in a group setting, make your girl shine by making her look socialable and friendly. By standing close by you can highlight her funny stories or chat up her latest accomplishments without making it look over the top or obvious.  Telling a complimentary story about her or something cute she did recently will subtly give the cues any girl needs to snag her man!

The key to being a good wing woman is subtly. It is very likely that your best wing woman task will just be chatting up your friend’s potential love interest’s friend that’s tagging along.  You don’t have to be interested in him, or want to make out with him… your sole purpose to make the men feel comfortable in the situation. Even though the guy might be a bore, or a super creep, use your amazing social skills to carefully guide the situation in the correct direction. If the friend is a total creeper, pretend you have a boyfriend! By casually bringing it up in conversation, he should get the hint without you having to be too obvious.

Whatever the situation may be, remember to take one for the team! Whatever it takes (well almost)  to get the job done… it’s your duty as a wing woman to help your girl out!