Drunk Tank Pink!

by pink.com
​A new theory is revolving around the color pink and possibly painting all of our jails to ensure a calmer environment.  Some people think pink makes men appear weak, is this something that could benefit some of our hardened criminals?          

This has been tested in a few places across the country. The color is called Baker Miller Pink (R:255 G:145 B: 175  Hex: FF91AF) This color is more commonly known as “Drunk Tank Pink.”   Dr. Alexander Schauss Ph.D is a director at the American Institute for Biosocial Research and has reported a decrease in angry and anxiety ridden behavior between and amongst prisoners.  

The tranquilizing pink color even has a calming effect on the color blind.  People associate linkages between certain stimuli and certain behaviors. The thinking here is that prisoners may be able to be “trained” into having a calmer mind set accompanied with less aggressive behavior and tendencies.  However, this linkage can also have a negative connotation. If there is a specific instance where a person has intense negative feelings towards any color, there can be a pessimistic reaction. For example: A father sees his child hit by a bright red car speeding by, he most likely, will have a negative association with that bright red color.

The University of Hawaii was shocked when walking into the locker rooms of both Colorado and Iowa State when they saw the rooms they would be occupying were bright pink in the early 1990’s. Since then, a rule has been made than a locker room can be painted any color, as long as the home and visiting team’s locker rooms are painted the same color. Think it is safe to say there are no more pink locker rooms out there!