Fathers Day Gifts

by pink.com
​Its almost time for Father’s Day! And what better way to show your dad you love and appreciate all he does for you than with an awesome gift!  Whether your father is a guys guy, a tech geek, a devoted dad, outdoor adventurer, or a metro man, we have got the gifts he’ll love!

Does your dad love beer? Get him a subscription to the Beer of the Month Club! If you buy for Fathers Day, you get 3 months of free shipping! So what does this entail? Every month, beer from award winning breweries nationwide will be delivered straight to your door!  Order your brews from amazingclubs.com

Does your daddy like to pamper himself? Get him the Jack Black Authentic and Original First Class Gift Set.  Including, eye balm, face moisturizer with SPF 20, lip balm, beard lube, and all over wash, this kit is any mans dream! The manly scent won’t leave him feeling all girly, and his skin will look great! Find this set at Sephora.com

Is your dad a techie? Get him the new iPad or the new Kindle Fire! Set him up with some music and fun games, and he’ll be entertained for hours and hours! Be careful though, he may pay less attention to you with his new favorite gadget in hand! Maybe he already as a iPad? Get him an iPod, have it preloaded with all his favorite music, and BAM you just gave him a great gift! Your dad will love rockin out, and pre loading the music is incredibly thoughtful.

Dads love watches! Check out the new trend of wooden watches. They can be found almost anywhere, but We Wood makes a great one! This watch is perfect for that casual Saturday or a day out on the golf course! This is one present he is guaranteed to love!

Whatever you decide to get your dad this father’s day, he will love it. Even if it’s just a card, he will adore and appreciate the fact you’re thinking of him.  Celebrating your dad on just one day a year won’t suffice, so make sure you tell him how much you appreciate him as often as you can!