Look Good, Feel Good, Pink Tea!

by pink.com
​The American Cancer Society is doing its part once again in the fight against cancer! And we are always grateful! They are hosting a “Pink Tea” January 9th, the American Cancer Society and Jordan Hospital aim to bring awareness to their partnership and new campaign, Look Good, Feel Good.  The Personal Care Products Council Foundation, The Professional Beauty Association along with the National Cosmetology Association have all come together creating a program to change the way breast cancer patients live their daily lives.

Look Good, Feel Good is a free program that teaches breast cancer (or any cancer) patients hands on beauty techniques to help them cope with side effects from chemotherapy and radiation. From nail care to skin care, to wig care and hat use, they cover all the bases. Patients will even receive a free makeup kit. Now I know what you are thinking, small consolation prize for having cancer, but even these little efforts make a difference. One of the biggest wishes of cancer patients is to feel “normal” again, and this aims to help with that.

Being served tea and refreshments while listening to breast cancer survivors and their stories after getting their makeup and beauty tips is just one way these patients cope, and we are grateful for any help in that department.  This program also provides for one on one support programs for diagnosed patients. If you’d like more information on the one on one support, contact Maureen Kwash at at Maureen.Kwash@cancer.org.