Most Famous Teen Celebrities Of Our Time

​Who doesn’t love to remember our favorite teen heartthrobs, past and present! A lot of kids have risen to stardom over the years, but these are the names we will never forget!

1.    Christina Aguliera – Strutting onto the scene in 1998, this blonde bombshell has made her mark on the music industry! In her first year on the scene she had three #1 hits!

2.    Jonathan Taylor Thomas – JTT! Who didn’t have a crush on this kid? Making his start on Home Improvement, he was our favorite TV teen from 1991-1998.

3.    Shia LeBeouf – This Hollywood hunk got his start on the Disney show Even Stevens, and is now the start of movie series, Transformers

4.    Paul Walker – From Pleasantville to The Fast and the Furious, Paul Walker was the hottie of the early 2000’s.

5.    Britney Spears – Selling 85 million records worldwide since 1997, this woman has
it all! With her fair share of controversy over the years, she has fallen down and gotten back up, proving to the world that Britney is here to stay.

6.    Ben Savage – Boy Meets World may have only been on the air from 1993-2000, but children of all ages love this cute kid and his crazy antics.

7.    Drew Barrymore – This chick became famous after the box office smash E.T in 1982, and has had a constant and prosperous career ever since. From Never Been Kissed to Charles Angels, Drew has made her mark on Hollywood.

8.    Kirk Cameron – Growing Pains had its run from 1985-1992. The saddest part about the sitcom going off the air was girls everywhere had to part with their crush, Kirk Cameron. Now a family man out of the spot light, he travels around the country giving inspirational speeches about life and marriage.

9.    The Olsen Twins – From Full House, to a dozen self starring movies, to their own fashion line, these girls have done it all! What’s next an album?

10.    Justin Bieber – Being the first artist to have his first seven singles be Top 100 Billboard hits is quite the honor! This teen heartthrob is anything but old news. Discovered on YouTube, and now a household name, this kid will be making hits for a while to come!