Pink POM Juice is in Trouble!

​This week, a federal judge ruled the makers of POM Wonderful guilty of deceptive advertising claims. Looks like the juice isn’t so wonderful after all…

The juice company is in hot water from making advertising claims that their juice “is a way to treat, prevent, or reduce cancer or erectile dysfunction.”  The chief federal administrative judge, Judge D. Michael Chappell said, “The greater weight of the persuasive expert testimony demonstrates that there is insufficient competent and reliable scientific evidence to substantiate” in such health claims made by POM Wonderful.
The judge spit out a whooping 335 page order upholding the majority of the complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission back in 2010.  The strict order states Pom Wonderful, “shall not make any representation, in any manner, expressly or by implication, including through the use of a product name, endorsement, depiction, illustration, trademark or trade name, about the health benefits, performance or efficacy of any covered product, unless the representation is non-misleading.”

If this order is voliated, owners Lynda and Stewart Resnick’s company will be fined upwards of $16,000 per incident.  This will go into effect in 30 days, unless POM formally files a challenge.
In a statement just released, President of Roll Global (POM’s parent company) Stewart Resnick says, “We have always believed in the power of the pomegranate and are pleased that we will be able to continue to showcase the fantastic health benefits inherent in this wonderful fruit.”

Hopefully this wonderful product will survive this lawsuit, and continue providing us with yummy and healthy juices!