Pink: The Color We are Predisposed to Love

It starts when we are very young… You have a pink room, or pink toys, and of course you are dressed in pink. It doesn’t get any better as you grow up. Society says you should choose pink braces as opposed to blue or green. Pink accessories are thrown in your face every time you turn around. And now, in the tech world which revolved around black and chrome, pink has made its presence known.

This has been creating controversy in the feminist world lately.  Do we as females want specific phones made just to target us women consumers? While some people are outraged at the stereotyping that is associated with this, it is the basic framework of all marketing. Everything on the market was thought up to satisfy the needs of one demographic or another.

Different products, such as the HTC Rhyme and the Blackberry Pearl have directly targeted female consumers, and failed miserably. The HTC Rhyme has been compared to the “Barbie dream phone,” being girly, flashy, and good for nothing significant. They were charging a high premium for this outdated phone. It only had 768MB of ram and a single core processor. Yet this phone cost just as much as the top selling Driods. The matching Bluetooth earpieces, charging dock, and ribbon headphones. Oh, and don’t forget, a dangly gadget that hangs from your purse and glows when you get a message. The Blackberry Pearl was another failure. This time with the name even geared toward women, the pearl came in a light pink color. Its inadequacy eventually caught up to it, and its faded out from the cell phone scene.

Moral of the story, cell phone companies should stick to producing good products, as opposed to “pink” products geared towards females.