Stylish and Affordable Handbags

​Hand-bags are every girl’s best friend! But not all of us can afford this life of luxurious hang-bags like the celebs. Even though the higher the quality the longer your bag will last, we don’t need to spend our life savings to be a bag fashionista! Take a look at this list and learn which handbags won’t break the bank, and still have you looking ultra stylish!

The A-list celebs drop major bank on the ultra elite Hermés purses and handbags. While they do have some lower ticket items ($5,000 and up) their famous Birkin bags cost upwards of $10,000, making them the most expensive bags on the market. Victoria Beckham has reportedly purchased over $2 million dollars worth of Birkin bags. Wouldn’t that be the life? Lucky for us normal people, Michael Kors makes a similar tote for around $400. Rock this bag and you still be the coolest girl in school (or work) without taking out loans to do so.

The new bag for fall is the 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel. These small bags run between $600-$900 buckaroos. You can find a small Tori Burch satchel for less than half that, and they are equally cute, stylish, and lavish.

Can’t take care of leather? Do you often spill things on your purse? Go for classic, cleanable nylon bags. Prada has made nylon their niche, but close behind are the Longchamp totes. Prada nylon totes go for upwards of $800. Longchamps range between $150-$250… much more affordable!

Backpacks more your style? Louis Vuitton makes beautiful backpacks for only just over $1,600. Who can afford a backpack running that pricey?! Opt for the cute Coach leather backpack, which will only cost you $250!

There is no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money of designer handbags, when there are equally cute and less expensive options out there!