The Hottest New Manicure

​Want the most popular manicure around?!  This incredible new polish brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 3D, and it is at the top of the nail art charts! These nails are sure to give off that WOW factor every girl craves. You can buy the regular polish, or go to a salon and get a gel manicure.  That way your magnificent magnetics will last for weeks! 

Wondering how it works? We’ll break it down for ya! This incredibly unique nail lacquer has been specially formulated using tiny metallic particles to create a pattern using magnetic forces held directly above the nail bed.  As the magnet is being held over the nail, the iron powder gravitates itself towards the magnet, creating the pattern that is “secretly” hidden inside the magnet for a look that is to die for!

These nails look incredibly difficult to recreate, but you get that cool wavy look in a matter of seconds believe it or not!

The new textured, 3D, special effect nails are trending like no other. Pshhh girl….Matte, one dimensional, plain nails are just not acceptable now that all these crazy nail designs are being offered! Especially since they are SO quick and easy! Make your nails your greatest accessory, and here’s how!

How to get gorgeous magnetic nails yourself:

o    Remove any oil and residue by cleaning your nails with nail polish remover.
o    Next, take off the magnetic cap and set it aside for later, leaving just the normal nail polish and cap.
o    Paint away! Do one base coat, wait a minute, and apply another.
o    After a generous coat of your magnetic nail polish has been applied, hold the magnetic cap over your nails while polish is still wet. Hold closely for 15 – 20 seconds.
o    Apply a top coat and enjoy your gorgeous new manicure!