Who Is St. Valentine?

by pink.com
​Ever wonder where the holiday Valentine’s Day comes from?  Or who Saint Valentine was?  Funny thing is the origin of Valentine ’s Day and who Saint Valentine really was is debatable.   

The feast of Saint Valentine was first held in 496, where the Saint was described as: a priest in Rome, a bishop of Interamna, and a martyr in the Roman Province of Africa.  Saint Valentine for whom we celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14th is still included in the Catholic Church’s official Saint List, however because of lack of valid information, he was removed from the General Calendar which is used for universal liturgical veneration.

The story has been revised to say that Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating one or more early Christian martyrs. Apparently there were multiple Saint Valentines.  The Valentines that are celebrated on February 14th were said to be the Valentines of Rome, who were at one point martyred for their beliefs.

Today, it is the celebration of love and affection between any two people.  The holiday is often celebrated with flowers, candies, and greeting cards more commonly called valentines.  This “love” holiday tends to be cherished by the taken parties of the world and hated by all the singles ones. Instead of looking back in remembrance of these ancient Christian martyrs, we have transformed this holiday into just another materialistic day for men to spoil their women… but hey, if it takes a silly holiday to get a girl some flowers then we are all on board!