World’s First Pink Diamond in Canada!

​The Victor Mine operated by De Beers  in Ontario Canada was lucky enough to find a very impressive rock!  A whopping 2.75 carats, this pink diamond is one of a kind!  Pink diamonds are considered the most expensive natural creations.  Combined with its rarity, this makes Canada’s pink diamond find a pretty big deal!

Lugaro Jewelers was lucky enough to snag this rock and place it in a gorgeous 18 karat white gold setting along with numerous other smaller pink and white diamonds along the sides.  I bet your wondering how much this beauty of a ring would cost you?  Only  $425,000 Canadian Dollars.  In other words,  that’s $414,811.19 US Dollars.  Small price to pay for such a rare and luxurious piece of jewelry!  The oval cut light pink ring with SI clarity is quite the find, in fact Canada has never found such a diamond, making history. Pink diamonds are the most popular of all colored diamonds. It’s the color of passion and love, making pink diamonds an incredibly desired stone amongst all diamond enthusiasts.  

Pink diamonds in their rarity have become widely popular and well known. Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez. That engagement ring makes this one look small at 6.1 carats.  More recently, David Beckham gave his wife Victoria Beckham (formally known as Posh Spice)  a pink diamond ring worth a whopping $1.8 million dollars.  Beyonce and Britney Spears have also been known to sport this rare and gorgeous rock.